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Overall Rating: 99.44%
Average Rating: 9.94/10
I don't like this pack, I love it! This is an outstanding product! G43 fits perfect. Kudos to the team that designed this pack!
Just received my Cobra Riggers Belt, and must say that I was blown away by the craftsmanship & detail used to make this belt. I bought it to use in a padded battle belt, and it works perfect. I did quite a bit of research on a lot of belts in this style. The ESS belt seemed to be the best. I bought the Multicam version sight unseen, and I'm completely satisfied. Also have to mention that my item was shipped super fast. Thank you ESS. You have earned yourselves a return customer.
This pocket holster, size 3, works well, I can get my hand around the gun and put my trigger finger in place before I strip the gun and the holster STAYS in my pocket. The trigger is completely covered by the holster, I prefer that. I am using a "doubletap" gun. The gun is a little loose in the holster and this works WELL when stripping the gun. Wish I found out about Elite survival before I purchased a competitors holster, it would not strip from the holster.
Stephen W.
For the new Boberg Arms owners of the XR9-S 9mm pistol, I highly recommend ordering the Elite Deep Cover Ultra Belt holster Model 7100-1. Read the other reviews. Since this pistol is relatively new, it is sometimes difficult to locate other than "custom" holsters. I would suggest though asking that lovely lady Paula to provide the longer Velcro straps for this model for use with the Boberg. When installed they overlap the bottom a bit. I simply trimmed and sewed the edges to neaten them up. Very little "work" for a very modestly priced holster. Elite products are great. I own and have used the Assault Systems and Luggage System for decades.
I just purchased the ESS belt slide holster, ABSH-4-RH, and absolutely love the design and product. Definitely one of the better ballistic nylon holsters I've ever owned. I would recommend your products to anyone without hesitation.
Mark Meagher

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