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Knives & Sharpeners
18-Delta Knives
Product ID : 18-Delta Knives
ECS Neck Knife
Product ID : ECS Neck Knife
ECS Series
Product ID : ECS Series
Edgemate® Carbide Knife Sharpener
Product ID : TK 40001
Gatco® Double Duty™ Sharpener
Product ID : TK 6402
GATCO® MCS Military Carbide Sharpener
Product ID : MCS Military Carbide Sharpener
Herman Wall Street Tactical™
Product ID : Herman Wall Street Tactical™
Lightfoot Combat Pen
Product ID : LCP Lightfoot Combat Pen™
Vallotton Signature Series
Product ID : Vallotton Signature Series
Vallotton-Ochs Kickstart
Product ID : Vallotton-Ochs Kickstart

TIMBERLINE® Knives warrants, to the original owner, that the knife is free from defects in workmanship and materials. Normal wear, damage from abuse, rusting, resharpening and using TIMBERLINE® knife for any purpose other than cutting voids the warranty.

Shipments to TIMBERLINE® Knives should be sent via UPS or registered, insured mail for tracking purposes. Include your complete name, street address and daytime phone number. Please include $12.00 to cover shipping and handling. Ship to: The Great American Tool Company, Inc., 7223 Boston State Road, Hamburg, New York 14075.