Liberty GunPack

Liberty GunPack
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Price: $49.95
Product ID : 8001
Manufacturer: Elite Survival Systems
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Designed to be carried on belts like our Cobra buckle belt or attached to MOLLE platforms, the Liberty GunPack can be worn in a horizontal or vertical position. This concealed carry belt pouch also has dual rip-cords for instant access to your firearm from multiple positions. Add this CCW pouch holster to your tactical toolkit today!

  • Constructed of heavy-duty 1000 denier nylon
  • Main compartment conceals adjustable, removable holster and magazine loop
  • Large accessory compartment with mesh pocket for organization
  • Flat pocket on front provides quick access to contents
  • Phone pouch has an elastic band and velcro closure to fit most smart phones
  • Rip-cords in firearm compartment provide quick access to firearm
  • Fits most compact and sub-compact autos and small frame revolvers
  • Ambidextrous
  • Available in black, coyote tan, and wolf gray
  • 7” x 5” x 2.25”

As seen in American Rifleman's Gun Gear of the Week!

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by aldock
05/11/2019 - 12:59:25 PM
This is IT
Bought it for pack attachment when hiking for my G43. Then discovered a bonus that both my G27 (40cal) and G29 (10mm) each with an extra mag fit. All mags have a Pierce +1 extension. Superior to Maxpedition in both material and workmanship. I like it so much I just ordered another. The mag holders could be a bit roomier, but they work.
Reviewed by apontec
apontec bought "Liberty GunPack" on our website
02/01/2018 - 01:44:11 PM
Awesome Bag!
This bag is exactly what I was looking for! Carries a G43 + mag. Wallet, phone, and still have room for other items. I did add a handle on top of the bag for hand carry. Wish I can show a picture! Thank you for an outstanding product!
Reviewed by pblevins
06/09/2017 - 10:20:38 PM
A Complete Bag
I really like this bag. I was a little worried that the Liberty Gun Pack would be too large to carry comfortably or would be so big that it looked out of place. When I wear it in the four o'clock position it doesn't get in my way when walking or sitting in my car. It is a little large but my spouse and teenage kid thought it looked like a fanny pack (apparently fanny packs are coming back, who knew?).

As a holster I would say this bag is a fair compromise. Drawing from it takes practice but if you carry concealed you should practice with whatever holster you use anyway. My S&W M&P Shield fits perfectly with the 8 round magazine and the 7 round magazine then fits along side thanks to adjustable Velcro holders. Larger magazines don't fit as well.

After much trial and effort I found that I draw best from this holster if I leave the zippers opened to the corners, as opposed to drawn together. Even though there are tabs that you are supposed to grab and rip to quickly open the gun compartment, I do better grabbing the front of the bag itself with my thumb and quickly pulling downward. Leaving the compartment slightly open doesn't visually reveal the gun at all. In the future Elite Survival Systems might consider placing a pull tab in the middle because pulling from the middle unzips both sides more efficiently than pulling from a corner. At first I found the corner of the handgun's rear site would hang on the top right corner of the gun compartment as I drew, but after practicing drawing up and out rather than straight up, that is no longer a problem.

In addition to the nice gun compartment there are two more zippered compartments. One on the front panel and one just forward of the gun compartment. You can carry a lot of stuff in these compartments. I have to remind myself not to carry too much or else this thing will start to weigh a ton. But I do have a good EDC kit fitting very nicely. The metal YKK zipper tab on the small front pocket tends to make noise so I wapped it with a small piece of tape to keep it from jingling.

The phone compartment is good. It holds larger phones easily but typical sized phones aren't loose or swallowed up. I nerded up the flap that holds the phone in by sewing some industrial strength Velcro to it for morale patches, goofy pins or patches that make the bag look more like a nerd bag and less like a gun pouch.

The back of the pack is a nice molle webbing that works with any belt and lets the pack ride low. Packs that ride too high on my belt tend to lean out ward and when drawing tend to pull outward. The Liberty Gun Pack doesn't have that problem.

I'm glad I bought the Liberty Gun Pack. If I could make any recommendations for improvement it would be to add the Velcro on the flap, make the zipper pull for the storage compartment smaller so that it would be easy to tell it apart from from the gun compartment zipper without looking,silence the front zipper pull and put a sturdy pull tap in the middle of the gun compartment.

I give it a 5 star rating in spite of the suggested improvements because the bag is so close to perfect for me.
Reviewed by misterj70
misterj70 bought "Liberty GunPack" on our website
10/31/2016 - 04:23:09 PM
US Citizan
I like the size for small carries, but:
It is not made in the USA & the craftsmanship is obvious.
It only has a belt loop which would not take a 1 1/2" belt in the horizontal position until I altered it.
The cell phone pocket will hold a 3 X 5 1/2" phone but not with the Otter Box.
"D" rings & a 1" strap would have been nice.
The wide zipper lip on the carry pocket is on the wrong side & it snags the hammer when drawing unless you use two hands.
I have two Avenger bags & a Discreet bag that I like just fine. Made in USA. The Avenger is for mid size & larger. The coyote tan is much less conspicuous than the black unless you are wearing black.
Reviewed by mmbrislawn
07/08/2016 - 12:16:02 PM
Optimal Belt Pouch Concealed Carry
This is a great product! The quality of construction is readily apparent. It is the perfect size for my compact semi-auto, plus one magazine. It is reasonably comfortable to wear for significant periods of time, including while driving, and nobody else has even given it a second glance. I had considered a model from another manufacturer, but that item was really just a "one-trick pony", in that it carries only a pistol. The Liberty Gun Pack has the two additional pockets, one with a web pouch inside, plus the phone pocket on the front fits even the very large Otter Box on my Samsung S6. The draw takes a little getting used to, but I learned quickly that sliding my thumb in next to the hammer, as I draw, allows me to clear the gun smoothly. Highly recommended!

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