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Elite Concealed Carry Holsters

Elite Survival Systems Concealment Holsters

Our versatile line of concealment gun holsters caters to all styles of concealed carry and come in sizes to fit popular handguns. We offer holsters for concealed carry inside the waistband (IWB), as well ankle carry, belly-band style, shoulder holster carry options, and belt-mounted holster options. Most Elite concealment gun holsters are also made in the USA.
Deep Cover Ultra Concealment Holster
Product ID : 7101
Elite Crotch Carry Holster
Product ID : 7110
MAINSTAY™ Hybrid IWB / Pocket Holster
Product ID : 7130
Advanced Ankle Holster
Product ID : AAHS_Holster
Advanced Ankle Holster Insert
Product ID : AAHS_Insert
Elite Belt Slide Holster
Product ID : ABSH
Elite Small of Back Holster
Product ID : ASBH
Inside The Waistband Clip Holster - IWB
Core Defender Belly Band Gun Holster
Product ID : CDH
Elite Paddle Holster
Product ID : CPHS
Elite Combo Holster w/Mag Pouch
Product ID : ECHB
MASH Shoulder Holster System
Product ID : MASH_Holster
Elite Pocket Holster
Product ID : PH
Pocket Holster Concealment Kit
Product ID : PHCK
For detailed holster fitting information, download our Holster Fit Guide:

To inquire about holster fit information for the latest gun model releases, call our office at 866-340-2778.