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Elite Pocket Holster

Elite Pocket Holster
Price: $15.95
Product ID : PH
Manufacturer: Elite Survival Systems
Weight: 0.25 lbs



This inside the pocket holster remains in place while you draw...

• Constructed of non-slip material, memory conducive foam, and soft nylon lining

• Designed to keep firearm in the upright position

• Helps protect firearm from other pocketed items

• Non-slip outer layer helps keep holster in place while gun is drawn

• Ambidextrous

• Available in six sizes

• Made in the USA

• Available in a Combo Kit, includes Pocket Magazine Pouch (Reg: $9.95)

Size 1: Diamondback DB Series; Kel-Tec P32, P-3AT; Kimber Solo; North American Arms (NAA) Guardian 380; Ruger LCP; Taurus PT22

Size 1L
: Beretta 950, 3032 Tomcat; Desert Eagle Micro Eagle; Kahr P380; Kel-Tec P32,P3AT w/Laser; Ruger LCP w/LaserMax or Crimson Trace Laser and Ruger LCP-II; Taurus PT738

Size 2
: 1911 frame pistols w/3” barrel; Beretta BU9 Nano, Pico; Diamondback DB380, DB9; Glock 42, 43; Kahr MK, K, P9/40, CW9/40, PM9/40, CM9; Kel-Tec PF9/PF11; Ruger LC9S holster; S&W BG380 w/laser, M&P Shield; SCCY CPX; Sig P238, P938; Springfield XDS; Taurus PT709-Slim; Walther P22

Size 2L
: 1911 frame pistols w/3” barrel and Laser; Bond Arms .45/.410 Derringer; Kahr 9/40 w/laser, P380 w/laser; Kel-Tec PF9 w/laser; Ruger LC9 w/LaserMax or Crimson Trace laser; Sig Sauer P238 w/laser, P290

Size 3
: 2” J Frame Revolvers; Colt Detective Special; Heizer Defense Products; Ruger LCR

Size 3L
: 2” J Frame Revolvers w/lasers mounted under barrel; Ruger LCR with LaserMax CenterFire


For detailed pocket concealed carry fits information, download our Holster Fit Guide:

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Pocket Holster LCP with laser and similar Pocket Holster and Pocket Mag Pouch Kit Pocket Holster Glock 42, 43 and similar Pocket Holster Ruger LC9 with laser and similar Pocket Holster Ruger LCR and J-Frame Revolvers

Product Reviews

Reviewed by jcldwl
03/09/2012 - 04:28:51 PM

Great Holster

My wife and I both use this holster for our Kahr P 380's and it works great. it is durable and is a good fit for the gun. My wife uses it religiously. I go back and forth between this one the inside the waistband and the ankle holster. Depending on where I am going and what I am doing. They are all great holsters.

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