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Dura-Tek Duty Gear

Our Dura-Tek duty gear is made of high quality molded ballistic nylon. This makes our law enforcement equipment extremely durable while remaining lightweight and comfortable. Gear your rig to meet your specific needs with our array of tactical nylon duty pouches, belts, and accessories.
Dura-Tek Molded Duty Belt, 2.25", with Cobra Buckle
Product ID : MV225CB
Dura-Tek Molded Duty Belt, 2.25"
Product ID : MV225
Dura-Tek Swivel Radio Pouch
Product ID : MV140-B
Duty Belt, 2 Inch
Product ID : pwb
Dura-Tek Double Magazine Pouch
Product ID : MV120-B
Dura-Tek Handcuff Pouch, Open Top
Product ID : MV305
Dura-Tek Handcuff Pouch, Single or Double
Product ID : MV300-B
Dura-Tek Speedloader Pouch
Product ID : MV125-B
Dura-Tek Glove or M3/M6 Light Pouch
Product ID : MV135-B
Dura-Tek Mace Pouch
Product ID : MV170-B
Pants Belt, Inner Belt
Product ID : MV150
Dura-Tek Baton Pouch
Product ID : MV401-B
Dura-Tek Glove Pouch
Product ID : MV137
Dura-Tek Silent Key Pouch
Product ID : MV425-B
Dura-Tek Dual Flashlight Ring
Product ID : MV421