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Overall Rating: 99.54%
Average Rating: 9.95/10
Just received my Cobra Riggers Belt, and must say that I was blown away by the craftsmanship & detail used to make this belt. I bought it to use in a padded battle belt, and it works perfect. I did quite a bit of research on a lot of belts in this style. The ESS belt seemed to be the best. I bought the Multicam version sight unseen, and I'm completely satisfied. Also have to mention that my item was shipped super fast. Thank you ESS. You have earned yourselves a return customer.
This pocket holster, size 3, works well, I can get my hand around the gun and put my trigger finger in place before I strip the gun and the holster STAYS in my pocket. The trigger is completely covered by the holster, I prefer that. I am using a "doubletap" gun. The gun is a little loose in the holster and this works WELL when stripping the gun. Wish I found out about Elite survival before I purchased a competitors holster, it would not strip from the holster.
Stephen W.
For the new Boberg Arms owners of the XR9-S 9mm pistol, I highly recommend ordering the Elite Deep Cover Ultra Belt holster Model 7100-1. Read the other reviews. Since this pistol is relatively new, it is sometimes difficult to locate other than "custom" holsters. I would suggest though asking that lovely lady Paula to provide the longer Velcro straps for this model for use with the Boberg. When installed they overlap the bottom a bit. I simply trimmed and sewed the edges to neaten them up. Very little "work" for a very modestly priced holster. Elite products are great. I own and have used the Assault Systems and Luggage System for decades.
I just purchased the ESS belt slide holster, ABSH-4-RH, and absolutely love the design and product. Definitely one of the better ballistic nylon holsters I've ever owned. I would recommend your products to anyone without hesitation.
Mark Meagher
You guys make quality products and have great service, over the years I've purchased range bags,holsters for me, my family and close friends in the Police Department. Today I was trying to place an order for a tactical holster online and for some reason the site wouldn't take my credit card. The young lady on the phone could not have been more polite and got my order processed promptly and on its way. Thanks for selling great stuff made in the USA and providing such quality service!

Jack Keister, Retired Fire Chief

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