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Four Gun Pistol Pack

Four Gun Pistol Pack
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Price: $89.95
Product ID : 7754
Manufacturer: Elite Survival Systems
Weight: 4.00 lbs



This discreet case was designed with two identical compartments, one on each side. Both can hold two handguns and contain fully-adjustable straps and loops for magazines. Each compartment on this pistol travel case has a separate accessory compartment with a padded divider inside. The accessory compartments of this multi-pistol range bag have elastic loops and Velcro pouches for magazines, ammo and accessories - as well as a mesh pouch for cleaning supplies, paperwork, etc. This pistol travel case has heavy-duty zippers and hardware and a molded rubber handle for comfort. This Elite Survival Systems four gun pistol pack holds as much gear as other packs three times its size.

• Constructed of 1000 denier nylon
• Heavy-duty zippers and hardware
• Two identical compartments to hold two handguns each
• Adjustable tie downs and pockets for guns and accessories
• Divided accessory compartments
• Molded, easy-grip handle for secure carry
• Available in black

Measures 15" x 11" x 5"

The best compact 4-pistol range bag on the market!

Gear TipsFour Gun Pistol Pack
  • Personalize your gear
  • MAKE SURE ALL FIREARMS INSIDE BAG ARE CLEAR AND SAFE! – Do not transport any firearms loaded!
  • Write your point of contact information on bag and use an inventory card for quick accountability
  • Use a colored bag identifier to help separate your black bag from other black bags if transporting or shipping
  • Add a first aid kit to your Four Gun Pistol Pack: small band aids, sterile strips, solution disinfectant, blood clot, tourniquet
  • For transportation and storage of firearms when using a barrel blocker have slide forward for automatic firearms, and for revolvers have trigger locks
  • On semi-automatic firearms place all extraction ports up and use cylinder locks for revolvers whenever possible
  • When using mesh pockets, place your items in small plastic bags to add extra protection to lining from contact with sharp objects
  • Avoid laying other objects on top of the Four Gun Pistol Pack
  • For cleaning, use a soft bristle brush and non–oil base soap
  • Do not leave unsupervised

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by markopgh
05/03/2019 - 09:40:23 PM
Excellent Product: Highly Recommended
I have personally been a customer of Assault Systems and Elite Survival for more than 30 years. In that period, they have consistently offered the highest caliber products. This pistol case maintains the high standard they have set. First, it is obvious that it was designed with purpose or specific intent. From all outward appearances, it is a rather nondescript case which could pass for a laptop bag. Most, if not all, will appreciate this, as it does not scream tactical and few would suspect it contained firearms. There is a strong mesh (not plastic) ID card holder on the exterior of the case, but it is hidden by a cover made of the same strong material as the case. The cover is sewn in on the end, velcro surrounds 3 sides, and there is a pull tab. Your business card is not visible unless you choose to display it to someone. The zippers are strong, there is a removable shoulder strap and the carry handle on top is encased with a grippy rubber sleeve. This case is constructed with hi-quality materials. The 1,000 denier nylon is very strong. Further, tie-downs, straps, and pouches in the case's interior are strongly sewn in and of equally tough material. As noted above, the case contains two identical compartments. Each side can hold 2 pistols and multiple magazines. There is also an open see-thru plastic pocket, and a velcro-closed pouch on each side with two loops that can hold an expandable baton. Remember the old adage "You get what you pay for." I do have other cases, but my top pistols (Sig and H&K) will go in this bag. You won't find a better quality pistol case that holds this much in a compact package. One tactical company makes a similar quality case for a few bucks more, but it only holds 1 pistol and much less gear. Other cases this big - if you can find one -require that you buy multiple velcro loop holders for your mags, knives, etc. With Elite's case, they are securely sewn in and 2 loops are adjustable on each side. If you don't qualify for the LE/Military discount, you can certainly find this case for sale at a discount on the website of one of Elite's dealers. In any case, I would not let cost deter you from purchasing this pack. If you own high-quality firearms, if you take care of your tactical gear and want to protect it, and if you like keeping your gear organized, this is the case to have for your pistols. I will continue to buy from Elite Survival with the full confidence that I am acquiring a high-quality and highly functional product that will endure the elements and last a lifetime. I highly recommend this case. Buy it and you will not be disappointed.

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